Transitioning Your Style for Spring

Whether it’s jumping ahead an hour for daylight saving time, watching spring bulbs shoot through the ground, or throwing off your regular winter wardrobe to refresh your look, spring offers a time of transition. This time of year brings a shoulder season where you have to still be prepared for wintery conditions but need the flexibility to transition to warmer springtime temps or rain in a snap.

So when you go out, you have to be prepared to look fashionable but to also transition your look to accommodate changing conditions. Although this can seem tricky, it takes just a bit of planning. While layers with a solid foundation piece can keep you on the right track, footwear may prove to be an issue unless you step into a pair of fashionable rain boots.

When it comes to spring, tumultuous weather is the norm regardless of where you live, so that means keeping your feet and fashion sense prepared for anything that comes your way. While completely practical, rain boots are now a fashion staple that can bring your look together and give you the perfect way to transition your entire look for spring.

Whether you need something fitting for work or want a cozy or sporty look for the day, this post offers some ways to create a transitional look for spring by topping it off with a pair of practical, yet fashionable rain boots.

fashionable rain boots

Top 3 Transitional Spring Looks

When putting together your beginning-of-spring looks, you can use these ideas that range in style from comfy and cozy to all business. Consider these a foundation from which you can expand and transform to suit your particular mood or activity.

1. Staying Cozy but Comfortable

When you need to combat both rainy as well as cold weather, you want to stay warm and dry, but utility doesn’t have to come at the price of fashion. Lay the foundation of this look with the following ideas:

  • Top: Because you want to be able to peel layers off and pile them on when necessary, your foundation top needs to be light and breathable. Try starting with a comfy cotton vintage t-shirt or tunic-style shirt.
  • Bottom: Maintaining your comfy vibe means pairing your top with your favorite skinny jeans or a pair of leggings.

You can keep your look crisp and sleek or cozy like a cocoon with your layers, but no matter what layers you choose, comfort should be the motivation behind your choices. Choose from:

  • Long, cardigans that extend a layer of warmth past your waist
  • Chunky sweater
  • Oversized sweatshirt

Of course, a pair of rain boots pulls your entire look together while keeping your feet comfy and cozy. Although you may still feel like you’re in hibernation mode, especially if a cold snap hits in the middle of spring, a pop of color with your fashionable rain boots offers a nice contrast. A splash of color from your boots brightens your look and adds a fun, joyful vibe even if it’s cold and rainy outside.

fashionable rain boots

2. Sporting an Active Style

When you get the first hint of spring, you are ready to take the action outside despite what the weather brings, and styling an active look for all that spring brings is a snap with a pair of great rain boots. Balance is key, however, with a layered active look. Unless you’re literally going to the gym, you want to avoid using athleisure pieces from head to toe. So choose an activewear piece for your top or your bottom, but not both, and use this list of ideas to get you thinking in the right direction:

  • Top: Your base layer can be a body-con shirt or cropped tee, but if you’re choosing an active look for your bottom layer, stick to a simple shirt or even a lightweight sweater for your top.
  • Bottom: Active leggings should never be boring. Since it’s spring, bright colors and patterns are a fun way to reflect your personal style, but black is never wrong either, especially if you want a monochromatic look. However, if you choose an active look up top, wide-leg pants or a skirt can balance things out.

You can wear tall rain boots or ankle rain boots when finishing off your active look, but your additional layers need to add balance in both texture and structure as well as style. Remember that not every item should be activewear. So add in sweatshirts—cropped or oversized—or sweaters and then top it off with a windbreaker, trench coat, or leather jacket.

3. Keeping It Business

A business look can go casual or, if you have in-person meetings, a bit more businesslike. The layers you choose need to reflect the level of business you’re dealing with for the day, and if you’re needing a casual look for part of the day and a business look later in the day, your layers can help you transition for both.

  • Top: Silk shells and sleek blouses can be dressed up or down throughout the day.
  • Bottom: Just about anything goes, from cropped business trousers and wide-leg pants to skinny pants and skirts of all lengths.

Your top layers can dress up or down your look. Choose from cropped cardigans or oxford shirts to layer over shells and then suit up with oversized suit jackets and long trench coats. Ankle rain boots look great with just about any business look, but tall rain boots bring some drama to short skirts.

When you’re putting together your look, remember that layers can change the overall aesthetic. So you can transition your style to fit not only the elements you’re encountering but also to fit your agenda throughout the day. Because even a short walk from your car to the office can be riddled with puddles or piles of melting snow, build your look around the piece that will carry you through whatever weather you’re facing that day—a high-end pair of rain boots. Regardless of what look you’re wearing, a pair of fashionable rain boots offer function as well as style to begin or finish your look.