Top 3 ways to Style your Ankle Rain Boots

ankle rain boots



When you think about rain boots, you might envision utility-driven footwear that your grandma uses to putter around the yard, but rain boots have come a long way since you were in preschool stomping through puddles. Fashion-forward ankle rain boots offer a versatile piece of footwear that you can style with practically anything. From short skirts to long dresses and from dress pants to jeans, ankle boots have become a highly versatile staple in women’s footwear fashion.

Not to be confused with booties that break at the ankle rather than cover it, you can wear your favorite Lemon Jelly rain boots to both protect your feet from the rain as well as dress up or down your outfit, no matter the time of year and no matter the occasion.

So when you want fashion and need function, rain boots save the day, and because they look fabulous with a variety of items in your wardrobe, you won’t be at a loss to style your look rain or shine. To get the right look with every outfit, this post walks you through the many ways you can style this versatile asset in women’s footwear.

1. Use Your Rain Boots for Contrast

ankle rain boots

Consider the function of rain boots a bonus and focus on the fashion factor when styling your look with boots. Use your boots to add a contrast of some sort to your outfit. Consider these fashionable choices:

  • Add a pop of color: While we’re used to using our handbag for this effect, the resulting impression is bold yet chic with a hint of playful fun.
  • Contrast your style: If you’re planning to wear your fancy dress, pair it with some ankle rain boots that offer more of a street look.
  • Flip the feel: If you have a softer look for the day, wear a pair of boots with a chunky sole to give your look a bit of an edge, but if you’re wearing a more structured look, try a pair of boots that add a softer feel with a lower heel.

2. Work Rain Boots into Your Everyday Look

ankle rain boots

Everyday doesn’t have to mean ordinary, and it definitely doesn’t have to mean boring. Your boots can boost your everyday look while maintaining function and style. So use these ideas to elevate your everyday outfits:

  • With jeans: The most versatile wardrobe piece for your ankle boots, jeans can be dressed up or down, but when you’re going for an everyday look with your boots, roll the hem just above the top of the boot or opt for cropped jeans with no hem but a frayed edge. Monochromatic is always a look, but just remember that matchy-matchy can make you melt into the background instead of standing out on a gray day.
  • With shorts: You might think that rain boots are relegated to just a few weeks a year in the fall and spring, but you can wear your boots year-round. Shorts are a perfect pairing for your boots. Denim shorts and an oversized sweatshirt look adorable with chunky boots while your favorite linen shorts look chic and stylish with a pair in a subtler tone.
  • With sportswear: Your sporty style gets a whole new look when you add boots with it. From leggings to shorts, your boots look good for any on-the-go look.
  • With work attire: We told you rain boots are versatile, and nothing makes a statement more than a sleek pair of boots with your everyday work look. Pair a pantsuit or a pencil skirt with chunky boots or grab those wide-leg pants and blazer and add your boots for a complete look.
  • With a tonal look: While contrasts are trending, a tonal look always works. Opt for popping colors to really create a stir, but if you prefer subtle, going with head-to-toe taupe or olive tones might be more your style.

3. Topping Off Your Look with Rain Boots

If it’s a bit chilly or even rainy outside, you may need some outwear to finish off your look. Just like you can wear your rain boots with dresses and jeans or anything in between, you can find plenty of outwear pieces to complement your rainboot look, such as:

  • The trench coat: A trench coat makes an obvious choice for a rainy day, but you can give it an unexpected flair by opting for a coat with a dramatic side slit or ditching the beige for a funky floral trench coat that you belt at the waist.
  • A puffer coat: Puffer coats make an excellent layer belted or open over feminine wide-leg pants and paired with your boots, but you can also add a relaxed sporty vibe to your look when you wear the same puffer with a pair of joggers and street-style boots. For a bit of drama, layer your puffer coat over a crop top and shorts combo and finish it off with your rain boots.
  • A boxy blazer: Throw on a boxy blazer with your shorts and elevate your look with a pair of ankle rain boots—you can go tonal for an understated chic look that’s ready for work or add a pop of color for a playful contrast.

Although rain boots are a staple in wet locales, you don’t have to rely on dreary styles when the days turn gray. More than just utility, the right boots styled perfectly promise to elevate your look by adding a trending touch to finish off your style. With the ideas in this post, you can mix and match your look, dressing your style up or down with a fashionable, yet functional, pair of rain boots.

Because rain boots can be worn with a wide range of elements from your wardrobe, you’re never at a loss for an opportunity to wear your boots. From dramatic to understated, you can wear your boots wherever you roam, no matter the forecast. Whether you mix in some contrast or prefer to keep it tonal, having a variety of ankle rain boots allows you to keep your style fashion-forward all spring while at work or play.